JavaScript Developers

ExperiencedJavaScript developers

Over time, JavaScript has developed into the scripting language of the web. It is used to make web pages interactive and develop web applications. Are you looking for experienced Javascript developers? Choose Virtual Detachering!

In-depth knowledge of JavaScript

With JavaScript you can build highly dynamic and responsive websites, which are comparable to applications for desktop in terms of speed and loading time. Almost every programmer can use JavaScript for small tasks, but not everyone understands the full range of possibilities this scripting language offers or is able to use all of its features.

Experienced JavaScript Specialists

Our team of JavaScript specialists has very broad experience with programming in JavaScript. They have in-depth knowledge of the scripting language and the various frameworks and libraries, such as:

What makes our approach unique and successful?

Direct staff management

Our clients experience working with our developers as if it were their own staff. Daily contact and participating in, for example, a SCRUM team is very normal with us.

High retention

We continuously invest in training and good facilities for our staff. As a result, the turnover is low, so that knowledge and experience are retained. To give a good example: one of our programmers has been working for the same customer for 12 years.

Long customer relationships

Because our employees remain in service for a long time and therefore gain a lot of experience in customer projects, they are increasingly becoming colleagues of our customers. They feel a high degree of ownership of the project and responsible for its success. This makes everyone involved happy and better.

Attractive rates

Our developers are available from € 31.70 per hour.