About us

Virtual Staffing is an IT company with a team of highly motivated in-house developers. We provide one-on-one developer placements for long-term or project-based collaborations, particularly within the educational sector.

Streamlined and long-lasting partnerships

Virtual Staffing is a part of Grafi Offshore B.V. Through Virtual Staffing, we offer our clients the opportunity to engage our developers directly, either for long-term partnerships or specific projects. The positive experiences proven in this way and the attractive combination of quality/price have resulted in our developers becoming colleagues of our clients, as it were. Our team often works on the same project for extended durations.

Our guiding principles include efficient communication, well-educated staff, and enduring, amicable collaborations.

All our developers are proficient in the English language, hold degrees in computer science at the HBO level, and are in our employ.
We currently have three branches in Willemstad (North Brabant), Heemstede and Kathmandu (Nepal).

Our team in The Netherlands

Frank de Jong

Managing Director

Ben Kassels

Sales Director

Annette Paulsen

Project Manager

Sharon de Vries

Project manager

Chris Hof

Business Development

Corrie Ouwens


Carin van den Berg


Our team in Nepal

Virtuele Detachering team Nepal