About us


Virtual Detachering is part of Grafi Offshore B.V., We are an IT company consisting of a group of developers, currently just under 100 people. We provide development services to our customers, which also include the option of deploying our people one-on-one, on a long-term basis. This working method has risen organically from successful ongoing projects. The positive experiences proven in this way and the attractive combination of quality/price have resulted in our developers becoming colleagues of our clients, as it were. Our employees often work on the same project for a long time.

Fixed keywords with us are: short lines, well-trained staff and long-term pleasant collaborations.

We currently have three branches in Willemstad (North Brabant), Heemstede and Kathmandu (Nepal). Through our unique formula, we have been placing software developers at beautiful, diverse (international) clients for 16 years, including Allianz, Testgroup, Noordhoff, Stempelfabrik, etc.

Corporate responsibility

We are affiliated with MVO Nederland because we believe in doing business responsibly. This means that we not only have an eye for our customers, but also for all our employees and the society in which they operate. Because we have our own branch in Nepal, we can directly influence working conditions and work processes there, among other things.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about us or developers through virtual detachering? Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about this.