Specialist in the secondment of developers.

With Virtual Staffing, you hire talented developers with expertise. They work remotely (from our own location in Nepal) on your project. All our developers go through a rigorous selection process, where we focus not only on technical knowledge and expertise but also on personality. We pay attention not only to technical knowledge and expertise, but also to personality.

Find the right developer(s) for your challenge

Front End Developers

Our front-end developers help you with the front-end of an application, website or program.

Backend Developers

Our backend developers make sure your website or application has the right functionality.

Full Stack Developers

These all-round developers provide both ease of use and full functionality in the background of your website/application.

Development teams

Need multiple developers? We are happy to put together a complete development team. We help you with the entire development process of applications, learning tools or custom software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you provide a developer?

It depends on your requirements regarding the developer(s) you are looking for combined with the availability of the developer(s). So it could be that your developer is working for you within 2 weeks, but this could also be several weeks longer, especially with specific requirements.

How do you ensure the quality of a developer?

We regularly organize internal sessions where knowledge exchange, experiences and new developments in IT are shared. Courses are also taken for individual developers.

Who manages the developer(s)?

With Virtual Staffing, you, as the client, primarily manage the developer(s). After all, you know best which functionality is desired. The progress is discussed daily at our office in Kathmandu per project. If necessary, we proactively contact you.

In what language do we communicate?

Our developers all communicate in the English language.

What is the minimum contract length?

Virtual Staffing generally has a minimum contract duration of 3 months. It is possible to agree to a pilot period of 2 months, after which you can decide to continue with Virtual Staffing.

How much does a developer cost?

For Virtual Staffing, there is a minimum hourly rate of €33.15 per hour for a developer with 1 to 5 years of experience. For a developer with more than 5 years of experience, the hourly rate is €38.50. These amounts do not include VAT.

What is the advantage of working with remote developers?

Virtual Detachering's remote developers may be physically far away, but instinctively close. Collaborating through virtual staffing feels like working with colleagues remotely. Our developers fully commit to your project and become an integral part of your team. Thanks to modern communication tools, distance can be easily bridged nowadays. Additionally, remote developers are often much more cost-effective than freelancers in the Netherlands.

Other questions?

Of course, your question may not be among them. If so, click here to ask your question. We will reply to you as soon as possible.