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With Virtual Detachering, quickly scale your IT capacity with experienced developers

Experienced developers

Scale up quickly

Broad expertise


From €33.15 per hour

Need developers or a development team?

Finding quality developers is difficult for many organizations. Through Virtual Detachering, you quickly deploy front-end, back-end or full stack software developers with the right expertise. Ideal for:


developing new software

Such as learning resources or building (educational) custom applications



Modernize outdated software and make it future-proof (refactoring)


software development

Add new functionality to existing software

Virtual Posting’s developers work remotely on your project. For a very attractive price, as low as €33.15 per hour!

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What is Virtual Staffing?

With Virtual Staffing, you deploy developers who work for you remotely. Hence the name “virtual.

Virtual Staffing is appealing to companies that:

  • need reinforcement for an IT project for a certain period of time;
  • want to be flexible;
  • don’t have the right IT expertise in-house;
  • have a job vacancy but cannot find the right candidate.

All good reasons to choose Virtual Staffing.

The benefits of virtual staffing


You can quickly scale up and down as needed.

Access to a wide range of IT expertise

Our development team has extensive knowledge of various IT disciplines.

Direct control

You manage the developer(s) yourself. This gives control. It feels like working with remote colleagues.

Dedicated remote developers

The remote developer works exclusively on your project.

Fully taken care of

No complicated HR procedures and and administrative hassles. We take everything off your hands, so you can fully focus on your project.

Find the right developer(s) for your challenge

Front End Developers

Our front-end developers help you with the front-end of an application, website or program.

Backend Developers

Our backend developers make sure your website or application has the right functionality.

Full Stack Developers

These all-round developers provide both ease of use and full functionality in the background of your website/application.

Development teams

Need multiple developers? We are happy to put together a complete development team. We help you with the entire development process of applications, learning tools or custom software.

Do you want to expand your IT capacity with great remote developers?
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