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Looking for experienced developers to develop a completely new application or further develop an existing system? With Virtuale Detachering you deploy developers or a development team working remotely on your project. For a very attractive price! You manage the developers yourself. They have knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, .Net, etc.


Our .Net and C# programmers work remotely on your project. They have a lot of experience in developing Front-end and Back-end applications as are common in web development. They can work with various Microsoft technologies and .Net versions, such as:


Our PHP development team consists of talented, well-trained and professional PHP developers with years of work experience. They have worked for major European clients and have extensive knowledge of PHP, JavaScript Frameworks..


Over time, JavaScript (and its successor Typescript) has developed into the scripting language of the web. It is used by our developers (front and back end) to make web pages interactive and develop web applications….


Our Front-end developers are very well able to build custom themes, templates for WordPress, Joomla and Magento. We don’t compromise to design standard.

We can use our experience in the field of various javascript libraries when programming your application…..

How does it work?

Developers or development teams with expertise do not always have to be physically present at your location to show their talent. With Virtual Detachering, we provide talented developers who work remotely on your project at an attractive rate.

The New Way of Working 3.0?

What makes our approach unique and successful?

Direct staff management

Our developers are experienced by our customers as their own staff. Daily contact and participation in a SCRUM team, for example, is quite normal with us.

High retention

We continuously invest in training and good facilities for our staff. As a result, staff turnover is low, so that knowledge and experience are retained. To give a good example: some of our developers have been working for the same client for 12 years.

Long customer relationships

Because our employees remain employed for a long time and thus gain a lot of experience in customer projects, they increasingly become colleagues of our customers. They feel a high degree of ownership of the project and responsibility for its success. This makes everyone involved happy and better.

Attractive rates

Our developers can be employed from €31.70 per hour.

Looking for experienced developers with knowledge of the business?

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