Examples of projects we have carried out are:


To make the secondary processes of companies run as smoothly as possible, the Tilburg company FAMAS develops and supplies a Facility Management Information System (FMIS) called FAME.

FAME is a web-based software solution, which has a modular structure. It offers more than twenty separate modules for, among other things, visitor management, building or space management, room reservation and services, purchasing, multi-year maintenance planning, repair management, key management, fleet management and much more. And what hardly anyone knows: the .Net programmers of Virtual Detachering have been working for the development of this beautiful web-based system for almost ten years. Read more…


JUSTIS is a new player in the German-speaking Swiss insurance market. The company has developed a subscription model for legal aid that you can easily take out online, pay and terminate flexibly per month with just one click.

Our developers built the website and the insurance management application. Our front-end specialists have converted the web design into responsive HTML5 and CSS. Via virtual detachering , our developers worked on the database, the application and we developed the interface between customer and company. Our goal here was to make the digital process as simple as possible for the customer. Read more about this interesting project.


Leslinq is an online tool for designers with which you can easily and quickly create an interactive prototype of your web, app or mobile design. You can share this design concept with others and export it to HTML5. You can quickly and easily experience how your design for desktop, mobile or tablet behaves in real life. You can also create digital magazines and interactive presentations in Leslinq.

Leslinq is based on a subscription model. For a fixed amount per month, customers get access to the publishing tool. A team of programmers from different disciplines have worked hard on the Leslinq Publishing Tool and the website through Virtual Detachering The results are impressive!


It was a fun, challenging project with the assignment: build an app for iPhone and Android that makes searching and finding cars fun, clear and easy! Tooter is based on an intelligent, self-learning matching system. Our iOS, Android and .Net developers have worked hard on it and we are proud of the result!

Tooter lets the user fill in wishes and requirements and provides selections of used cars on that basis. By swiping left or right, you like or reject the car. Tooter learns from users’ swipe behavior and therefore ensures faster and more accurate matches. Tooter builds up personal profiles and creates user groups to make the match even better.